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The more information you provide in your business listing the more informed your potential students will be and the more likely they will be to sign up for one of your classes.  To that end we wanted to provide you a "sort of" tutorial on how to fill out the listing details and where the actual data that you input appears on the listing because some of it can be confusing. Please don't hesitate to email us with questions as you go through the listing process.  We are here to help you promote your classes and in turn, make your art business thrive.


Once you have registered and have a user name and password, go to the top tabs - User > Log In - Log Out and log in which will take you to your Member Dashboard.  Click on Business Listing to edit or Classes/Workshops which are your classes to edit.  The next screen lets you View, Edit, Delete, or Deactivate your listing.  Click on the green Edit button which brings you to your Business Details page.


Business Details

Some of the listing details are self explanatory but others are not so here are some tips.  Mandatory entry is marked by a green star.  A lot of the fields are optional but remember the more information you provide the more likely someone will look at your full listing.

Registration ID - leave blank

Business Type - choose one to describe your type of art business - remember this is about teaching.

Business Slogan - if you have selected the Featured Package this this text will appear under your photograph and name in the Featured Creative Art Resource section on the Home page.  If you selected the Basic Package or the Class Package this text will appear at the top of your business description. 

Business Short Description - this short description will appear with your contact information in search results.  It should be short and enticing because it will act as a little tidbit of information about what you offer.  Even though the space you type in looks pretty big the system will only accept 2 - 3 lines of type. 

Business Description - probably self explanatory.  Should include what makes you different, why should someone take a class with you etc. 

Keywords - you may put in several keywords that describe your classes.  This can be used by a potential student to search the system. 

Take a look at Linda Hendrickson, Artist as an example of the three places to put images:

Add a photo to represent listing

This is a very important image to add.  If you don't add any other images be sure you add this one!  On Linda's page this is the little inset image of the flowers in the top banner - you could put a photo of yourself there or your studio or a painting or a logo.  This image also appears in the search results and in the Featured Creative Arts Resource section on the Home page if you have selected the Feature Package.

Add a business cover photo

If you want to add some pizzaz to your listing add this image. On Linda's page this is the background banner image behind the inset of the flowers.  You could put a studio shot or a painting detail or a class shot.  Remember you are trying to fill classes so a background image of a working class might be good.  Also remember that your name will be in white type on this image so there needs to be contrast for it to show up properly.  In order to fit properly the image needs to be rectangular - about 2 to 1 ratio (length to width).

Business pictures (at the bottom of the page)

Images added will be shown in business photo gallery

On Linda's page these are the photos under Gallery just below the Business Cover Image.  You will be able to put 1 image if you selected a Basic Package, 10 images for the Class Package and 20 images with the Featured Package.  Best way to get them in is to drag and drop them into the space provided.  Check the square box to the right of the photo to have them appear on your listing. They can be sorted by using the arrows up or down on the right side of each photo.
Be sure to fill in the Image Alt Tags (alternate tags) for each image you list.  Include the "What & Where".  Keep it very general/broad.  What might someone search for in Google?

Business Categories

You will two blocks here; Category and Main Category.  If you selected the Basic Package will are allowed one category so those two blocks will be the same.  If you selected the Class Package you can put up to 5 categories and one of those 5 can be your main category.  Same holds true for the Featured Package, 20 categories with one of the 20 being your main category.

Business Location

You must fill in the City, State, Country and Postal Code in order for the search engine to work properly.  You may leave your address blank if you wish and you may also fill in your address and then check the block:

Only publish my City and State

You may also put in a mileage radius if you travel to teach in your State and what a limitation.  I would leave that blank and answer those questions as you get them.

Leave Latitude and Longitude blank as the system will fill that in automatically.

Business Contact Information

This is the information that will displayed as contact information.  Make it simple for some to contact you by providing as much as you can.  We require you to have as least a phone number, the email is optional.

Metadata Information

Very important!  This information is used by search engine to find and index your listing

Meta Title - Put in your business name

Meta Description - Put in a short description of your business using the most common key words that apply to your classes

 Metadata image

How to add classes/workshops

Once you have logged in to the Member Dashboard.  Click on Add/Edit/Delete Classes/Workshops which will bring up a screen with your existing classes if you have already entered some.  You can edit your existing classes by clicking the green Edit button under the class you wish to edit.  


Add/Edit/Delete Classes/Workshops

To add a class click Add new class/workshop button in yellow at the top right. The first item to fill in is Name - this is your class title.  Please limit your class title to 35 characters.  The listing details are pretty straight forward.  Fill out all of the details as completely as possible.  Remember that your prospective student will want to know what, where, when and how much before they will sign up.

Short Description 
- this description comes up on the search page and the Browse Classes/Workshops section.  Make it short and enticing.

Description  - this should be a full description of your class, everything you want your prospective student to know including the benefits of taking the class.  This description comes up on the class full page when someone clicks from a search or browse.  It’s pretty important.  

Address section - no need to enter the address if it is the same as the business address.  The system will automatically include that address.  However, if the class is off site, then you should enter the address.  No need to enter the Longitude and Latitude, the system will find it on the map.

Remember to fill in the Metadata as well so search engines can find and index your classes.  

There is also a place for photographs.  The best size photo for this section is about 400px x 300px or 400px X 400px.  The first photo in the lineup will appear with your class listing under Featured Classes & Workshops if you have selected the Featured Package.  These photos can be of other classes you have taught, or the results of a class project etc. 


Images added will be shown in special class/workshop photo gallery.

Be sure to fill in the Image Alt Tags (alternate tags) for each image you list.  Include the "What & Where".  Keep it very general/broad.  What might someone search for in Google?

Pictures image

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